-Workshops and Mentoring-

The Basics Workshop

This workshop is made for anyone who struggles with knowing how to operate their DSLR cameras and wants to take great pictures of their children, pets, students or hobbies. 

I offer these sessions once a month based on interest and my shooting schedule.

These workshops take place on location and are 2.5 hours long. They include "The Basics" Workbook and one on one instruction and critique from me. 

When the workshop is done you will be able to shoot in manual and create beautiful images of your family and friends. 


These mentor sessions are designed for the photographer that wants to take their game to the next level. 

Students have full access to how I shoot, edit, manage and interact with my clients. 

These mentor sessions are some of my favorite because I truly enjoy helping others in this business achieve their goals and become better at their kraft.

Mentor sessions are around 3 hours long and include shooting a session together (newborn, family, couples), then editing and workflow as well as client relations. 

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