The Estes Family, Happy Family Session


I completely fell in love with this family from the minute they stepped out of the car! Little Aubrey was the BEST client and gave me so much to work with and he thought all my jokes, noises and impressions were hilarious.  This was the first time this family has had “professional” (its hard to call myself professional with all the craziness I do during a family session) photos taken now that they added the little guy, and they rocked it! The rain held off for us and I am so glad it did because we made some magic. Thank you so much adorable Estes family, especially my new little buddy Aubrey!

KatieNorridPhotography_0110 KatieNorridPhotography_0111 KatieNorridPhotography_0112 KatieNorridPhotography_0113 KatieNorridPhotography_0114 KatieNorridPhotography_0115 KatieNorridPhotography_0116 KatieNorridPhotography_0117 KatieNorridPhotography_0118 KatieNorridPhotography_0119 KatieNorridPhotography_0120 KatieNorridPhotography_0121 KatieNorridPhotography_0122 KatieNorridPhotography_0123 KatieNorridPhotography_0124 KatieNorridPhotography_0125 KatieNorridPhotography_0126 KatieNorridPhotography_0127 KatieNorridPhotography_0128 KatieNorridPhotography_0129 KatieNorridPhotography_0130 KatieNorridPhotography_0131 KatieNorridPhotography_0132 KatieNorridPhotography_0133 KatieNorridPhotography_0134 KatieNorridPhotography_0135 KatieNorridPhotography_0136 KatieNorridPhotography_0137 KatieNorridPhotography_0138 KatieNorridPhotography_0139 KatieNorridPhotography_0140 KatieNorridPhotography_0141 KatieNorridPhotography_0142 KatieNorridPhotography_0143

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