Sun, Moon and Stars

My Sun, Moon and Stars in these photos, well almost my all. (My husband LOATHS having his photo taken more than anyone I know, so imagine him in there and you got it)! MY WHOLE WORLD.

Oh me, I am seriously so blessed to have these girls as my babies! They challenge me, push me to the limit, wake me up at all hours of the night and make me SO VERY HAPPY! I know I fail them everyday, and usually end each night with my head on the pillow reliving all the ways I screwed up that day. Praying to be a better mom, to have more patience, to show them God more. Motherhood is one of the biggest blessings in my life and I am so thankful to have been given this gift. I LOVE my job, but man oh man, I LOVE them more! SO MUCH MORE!

There is so much devastation and sadness in the world today but looking into the eyes of a child can make it all fade away for a moment. I hope they never loose that sparkle!

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