– Portrait Information –


My portrait sessions are great for couples and maternity clients. These sessions include up to 3 people. They last about 45 minutes and take place at one of my 3 outdoor locations. 


This newborn session is an in home lifestyle family session with an emphasis on the newest arrival. These session last between 1 and 2 hours with plenty of time for a quick feeding or diaper change here and there. 


My family session is a fun and relaxed session with you and your little loves. This session includes up to 6 people and takes place at one of my 3 outdoor locations. 

Studio Sessions

My studio sessions are offered Tuesday thru Friday at the studio in Rossville, TN. You can choose the studio for any of my sessions offered...newborn, portraits & family sessions.

Katie Norrid Photography also offers Fresh 48 Sessions, Birth Stories and a First Year package. Please email for detailed pricing information. 

– FAQ –

When should I book?

Newborn sessions can be booked at the beginning of your second trimester in order to ensure a date. Then you would contact me as soon as little baby arrives to schedule your exact session date and time. 

Portrait and Family Sessions tend to book between 3-5 months out, so be sure to contact me as soon as you can to hold your spot.

What is Outfit Styling?

What you wear for your session makes a HUGE impact on the end product. I offer assistance in outfits for all my sessions because it is that important to me that your outfits fit well with the way I shoot and for the locations that I shoot at. Don't worry, I send out detailed information for all my clients so they can dress to impress along with other tips to help create the best session possible. For example, my style works great with dresses so I encourage all my ladies to wear dresses. Along with the color pallete that is most flattering for the way I shoot. EARTH TONES... Bold colors are wonderful, but they don't photograph well for the way I shoot. Pastels and earth tones are the most flattering for my sessions. 

Where will my session take place?

I offer 3 outdoor locations for my clients that all fit well for my shooting style and that I know like the back of my hand. This helps create those images you see on my website and social media. Once you book you will be sent your contract and you can select which location you want. You may also request the studio.

Newborn sessions are either in-home or at the studio.

What time will my session take place?

I like to shoot around 2 hours before sunset and I like the sun. My style is light, bright and airy and I use the sun to achieve that look. So the time we shoot changes depending on the time of year.

Newborn sessions happen when there is the most natural light pouring into your house. 

All studio sessions take place between 9:30am-12:30pm Tuesday thru Friday.