Newman’s Beautiful Birth Story


I had only talked to Blair on the phone prior to Newman’s birth but we instantly clicked and I knew I was going to LOVE this family. It was getting very close to her due date and at her last appointment her water broke and she was sent to the hospital. Being a first time mom, things tend to progress a little slower so I was thinking we would have a baby sometime in the late evening. Boy was I wrong… Blair was amazing and tolerated the pain so well.

Family and friends were surrounding them as they awaited for the nurse to tell her it was time. Dean and Blair’s family is also amazing and I enjoyed meeting and spending the day with them. Everyone was so excited for the birth of the first grandson. One of the moments that stuck out to me from the whole day was when everyone had cleared out of the room and Dean’s sister came in to say hello and bring them a few things from home. Before she left for the waiting room she grabbed Blair’s hand and led them in prayer. Prayer for Newman’s safe arrival and for his life, it was an absolutely beautiful moment that I was so glad was captured.

It is the utmost privilege to be invited into such an intimate moment with families as they bring life into this world. When Newman came out screaming their wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Witnessing God’s miracle is just hard to describe in words, but I am so thankful that they have these images to remind them of this glorious day!

Like I said, something just clicked between Blair and I… she jokingly calls me her doula, lactation consultant and photographer, and I like all those titles 🙂 I was also able to document Newman’s newborn and 6 month photos as well before they moved away from me 🙁

I hope you enjoy!


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